re-purposing: Long sleeve shirt to soccer shirt

I know I am on a sewing, re-purposing kick lately!
But I am slowly trying to make my way through my stash!

This was a super easy way of taking a long sleeve shirt and making it into a short sleeve,
then I just added the soccer ball with my silhouette using heat transfer.

I think I paid $1.00 for these shirts at Walmart in the early spring!
I love to stock up when they are on clearance!

I cute the sleeves off where I wanted them to be.
Then I cut a strip off the top of both of the sleeves (the sleeves I just cut off)

fold in length wise and pin all the way around

Then I slid the circle part I just made on top of the sleeve with raw edges together!
Does that make sense???
a closer look!!
then sew all the way around the sleeve, and you can iron it down to give it a more crisp look!
Now you have short sleeves!!! Awesome!

Then I added the soccer ball using my silhouette and heat transfer.
For more info on the heat transfer you can follow my steps Here

The best part about it is she loves it!!!

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