Chore Chart ideas

I saw this idea over on the Silhouette blog, and I fell in love with this chore chart! I think it is so cute! I might have to buy some of this magnetic paper and try some thing like this!

Click Here for the full tutorial

Summer break is coming and if your like me, you have to gear up for it! It is so hard to suddenly have all the kids home at once!! So much fighting and so many kids home......aaahhhh!!

Just kidding....I do look forward to having my kids home, but I also have to have some sort of chart for them to do chores or I am nagging constantly.

So, if you haven't checked out my idea on a chore chart, you can find it Here

If you have a chore chart I would LOVE to see it! Send a picture to trinajo5@hotmail.com and I will feature it on my blog!!



Vintage Revivals giveaway!

Okay, so first of all can I say that I found the most awesomest giveaway over at Vintage Revivals!
Mandi is offering herself....might I add she is so amazing....to come to the winners house and redo one room for them!

How totally sweet of her!!

Check it out HERE

I first wanted to show some of her awesome work she has done!

Just look at this room...it is sooo cute! I love it!
And she did it all!!!

I debated whether or not to enter, not because I don't want her to come, but because I have to show you my worst room in my house! So embarrassing!!!

This is my guest bedroom, as well as my craft room!

It is in huge need of a redo!

My oldest daughter has decided that sharing a room with her 4 year old sister is not what she wants anymore, so she wants to move into my craft room :(

So here it is in all it's glory....yes it really is this bad!!

I know I will have to move all my crap out, and place it some where else, but I totally need help making this the dream room she wants!!!

I need Mandi!!! HELP ME!

That dresser is so full of crafts, under the bed is full of crafts, that big blue container is chuck full of fabric, the closet is full of crafts....this room is so full of to-do's!!!

This is so embarrassing....I only am posting this out of desperation!!!!
I want to win!!

My daughter has found some pictures out of the Pottery barn magazine...which is so addicting...and she wants some thing like this!!

I can't do it alone!!

So please come and vote for me over Here

It would be so fun to have Mandi come and do this for me!
I want it bad!!!!

Voting starts tomorrow at midnight I believe!! So go vote for me!!!


More freezer meals!!!

I hope that you are enjoying doing freezer meals!
This time wasn't quite as bad...maybe a little better planning!

I promise I will get back to crafts soon! Just think of how much more time I can spend crafting now with all these wonderful meals in my freezer!!! :)

These are chicken enchiladas
My personal favorite! I smother them in green enchilada sauce and cheese!!

This is an awesome recipe! We love it!

Garlic Ranch Chicken
This is such a good recipe and so quick and easy!!

Tater tot casserole

This is my own recipe

Tater tot casserole
1 lb. hamburger (browned and add taco seasoning)
1 can corn
1 can Nacho Cheese (add a little milk)
1 bag tater tots
cheddar cheese

Mix first 3 ingredients and spread in a 9x13 dish
Spread your tater tots over the top
Sprinkle cheese over the tots

Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 min or until the tater tots are nice and crispy.


Meat loaf, bean and cheese burritos, and broccoli and rice casserole

I hope if you are joining me in doing these freezer meals, you are having a good experience.

I made up some meatloaves and put them in gallon bags for a quick meal!

Then I did some more burritos.

I decided to do some Bean and cheese burritos for the kids

I just did re-fried beans and cheese.

The one in the picture below, I did add some black beans to it.
You can add just about whatever you like!

For this broccoli and rice casserole recipe click below
Broccoli and Rice casserole

Oh, this is going to be so nice to have all these meals in my freezer!!!!

I will have more tomorrow!


Lasagna and breakfast burritos!

I have made my menu and also I cooked my meat last night.
I filled my crock-pot with as much chicken breasts as I could fit and added a little water and cooked on low for 8 hours, then shredded it.

For my ground beef, I took about 5 pounds of ground beef and browned it in a big pot.
So, now I am already with my meats!

I also did a big thing of sausage, because I like to add some to my lasagna, and also I did breakfast burritos.

Now my meats are all ready for this undertaking!!!

The first thing I did was Lasagna.

I made my lasagnas in foil pans, and then used plastic wrap and then foil over the top of the plastic wrap.

Then I moved onto my breakfast burritos.
These are my favorite thing to have in the freezer. Such an easy breakfast!

I tore quite a few pieces of foil, then laid down my tortilla, then layered sausage, rice, black beans, eggs and cheese.

Then fold up your tortilla and wrap it in foil and then I put them in gallon sized bags.

I did a lot of breakfast burritos!
They are so nice in the morning! You can take one out and microwave it for about 1 1/2 minutes, add some sour cream and salsa and your done!!

Love it!

Check back tomorrow for some more freezer meal ideas!!!


Freezer Meals....

I hope everyone had a great Easter! We enjoyed having family over! It is always fun to get together with family!

This week I am going to dedicate this week to doing freezer meals!

I tried doing freezer meals a couple of months ago, and I swore I would never do it again!!!
I have to admit, the few days that I did it was HECK!!!!

But....totally worth it!
It was so nice on those busy days, that you have absolutely no time to cook, to know that there is something in the freezer that you can just pop right in the oven and whallaaaa!
Dinner served!!!
And the best part is hardly no clean up!

So, this week I am going to attempt this again, because we are all out and I have been fixing dinner every night and frankly I hate it.

So bite the bullet with me and lets do these freezer meals together!!!

I got most of my meal ideas from Fabulously Frugal. She has an awesome guide on how to do this and tons of ideas!!!!

Today, I encourage you to make your menu, decide what you want to do first and then make your shopping list.
One of the hardest things was to go shopping! I spend a lot of money, but I know this will last us for a lot of meals!

You will not regret this....when it is all done and you are enjoying it in a week anyway!!!

If you really want to make it easy on yourself, they have made the menu and your shopping list Here!!

Oh, and I usually make a huge batch of bread and make bread sticks, rolls, and french bread and freeze them.
Also, I like to make cookies, muffins, waffles, pancakes and keep them frozen as well, for fast and easy breakfasts!

And last of all, if you want to watch a video that might inspire you a little, Hip2save has a fabulous video you can watch, just click Here!

Also she did a great video Here, that I LOVE the casserole she shows here and the Mexican rice!!
Go check them out!

So get ready to start tomorrow!!!!

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