Puppy birthday party!

We had so much fun decorating and planning for this party!

I took boxes and wrapped them in this cute paw printed wrapping paper and then wrapped ribbon around the bottom of them.

I took a pink table cloth and then added some wrapping paper down the middle to give it some more color. Then I used some dogs we had around the house for the center piece.

I think this was their favorite part. They got to pick out a puppy to take home.

For the party favors we took dog dishes and added some cocoa puffs to make it look like dog food. I also threw in some bubble gum and made a bow for each girl.

I made these bows for all the girls to add to their party favors!

This is my lame attempt at a birthday cake! It was the last thing I did and I was super rushed! It shows....unfortunately!

The girls had pizza, we painted their faces, they wore puppy ears, decorated frames, and played games.
Here are all the cute girls with their doggy ears and faces painted.
For the ears, I just took a headband and glued on some ears I cut out of felt.

And here is the birthday girl!

I had to add this picture because it was just too cute not to add!


  1. Great puppy theme! I love your "adopt a puppy" section, what a fantastic idea!

  2. What a cute idea - it looks totally fun! Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  3. What a fun idea. I love the "Adopt a puppy" stand.

    Be sure to stop by my blog Monday and add your project to the More The Merrier Monday Link Party.


  4. I think the dog food bowls are my favorite, but it all looks so fun and creative!

  5. What a cute party idea. I love all of the elements and work that you put into it.

  6. This is the surprising thing which you are getting for your puppy to celebrate a birthday party of him. Let your pretty idea will be best one for enjoying puppy birthday party.


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