Batman Cape

Remember the super hero cape I made a couple of weeks ago for my nephew??
If not you can check it out Here

Well, my son really wanted a cape too, and he has some batman pjs that were missing a cape, so I decided to make one to fit them.

Here are the pajamas....minus the cape.

I took my material and laid it over the pjs marked where I wanted the cape to go.

Then I cut out two identical pieces and sewed them together...set aside.

I turned the pj's over and traced the bat onto some tracing paper and cut it out.

Then I pinned it to some black felt.
I chose felt because it doesn't fray
Then I cut out an oval out of yellow felt and sewed the black onto the yellow, and then I zig zagged the yellow onto the back of the cape.
Then add some Velcro onto the corners of the cape making sure it matches up to the Velcro on the pjs.

My baby actually loved it as well.

I took a piece of black ribbon and added some velcro to it, so they can still wear the cape without the pjs.

A super easy batman cape!!!

Makes a happy little boy!!!


More teacher gifts!

I finally got my kid's teacher gift finished yesterday!
Our last day is today....none too soon!

I think they turned out pretty cute!

I made them these personalized supply containers.
I got my idea from Here

I stuffed them full with random supplies...and chocolate is always an essential!!

Then I took this Father's Day idea that I got from Here
and turned it into a teacher gift!

This was actually my favorite!
It is more personal...I had the kids write some of their favorite things about their teachers!

Have a great day...the sun is shining!!! HOORAY!!


End of the year teacher ideas!

Many of you are probably out of school already, but we get out tomorrow.
So, I thought I would share some cute ideas that I have come across.

I will be posting my idea soon!!!

I love the chalk board paint on a Terra cotta pot!!

These tiles are super cute!

I was totally tricked into thinking this was a real cupcake....but it isn't!!

I love these fabric bookmarks!!

This is soooo adorable...and who doesn't like pie in a jar!!!

Check them all out, they are so cute!!
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