St. Patrick's burlap bow

First of all, I am not a model, I don't proclaim to be and I absolutely hate these pictures of myself, but this is what you get!
Second, sorry about the little blur spot on all of my pictures. I didn't notice it until they were all taken and uploaded! I'm too lazy to redo them!

Anyhow, here is a tutorial for this burlap bow! It is a fun bow to make!

To make the flowers for the bow. Start with a square piece of fabric. For bigger flowers cut a bigger square, or smaller for smaller bows.

Fold in half

Then fold in half again!

Then fold the bottom right corner up to meat the top left corner. It should look like this.

Then take your sissors and cut a half circle

It should look like this when you are done cutting. Sorry it is such a small picture.

After you unfold it, it should look like a flower.

Then I did some with burlap. Doing different sizes so I could stack them.

Here it is after I layered them.

Now Glue each layer on top of the other.

I took my clip and covered it with ribbon and hot glued it to the back of the bow.

Then I took a button and covered it with Elmer's glue and then sprinkled glitter over it. I let it dry and then glued a gem on.

This literally took me 5 minutes!

This would look so much cuter on my daughters!!!


  1. Great tutorial! I thought your photo's were perfect :O). I love how you showed how to cut it so quickly to look like a flower - very cool.

  2. Super cute!!! I love the burlap with the green fabric, so fun!

  3. I love the burlap! So much fun. Cute idea:) Thanks for sharing the tute!

  4. So cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. So stinkin' cute!


  6. I can't believe that took you five minutes; it would have taken me an hour! Visiting from http://www.mybackyardeden.com/

  7. I absolutely adore this! My stores don't carry much fabric and I already checked for St. Pat's fabric and came up with nothing. I will save this in hopes that I can get my hands on some nice fabric.

  8. This is absolutely darling! I love burlap and of course think it's perfect for any occasion. But I LOVE how yours turned out! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Cute! I would definitely try this out. Looks easy to make and looks awesome! My daughter would have one in her hair as well. Thanks for sharing. I am your new follower. You can visit me at http://showmemama.com. Make sure you leave a comment so I know you visited.

  10. Came out great!!! Visiting from Paisley Passions and I am a new follower!!!
    Have a great day!

  11. That is such a cute bow! I love the burlap! And I had to laugh at the blurred spot...that has happened to me more than once:)

  12. This is cute! What a good idea folding it like that to cut the flower - too bad you can't do it with paper too without having permanent fold lines on it. :)

    Tnx for linking this up too!

  13. Very lovely! Love the green!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  14. This is so simple & so cute. The possibilities are just endless too! Thanks for sharing at Gettin' Krafty With It!

  15. Thank you for a lovely tutorial on how to make a St. Patrick's burlap bow


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