I love Jewelry!!!

I love jewelry!! I have a ton of jewelry, and the last thing I needed was more...but I really wanted to try making some, so I did. It was a lot of fun, and I might have to make more!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my tutorial....the pictures are horrible, I need a new camera, but hopefully you can understand the basics of it!!!

I started with the necklace,
then had to make some matching earrings,
and then off coarse you need a bracelet to complete the set!!!
So here it is!!!

For the necklace, these are the supplies I used!
I got most of them from a dollar store her in town called Honks.
The metal medallion came from Walmart, and the stretchy cord came from Joanns!
So take your cord and measure about how long you want your necklace to be.
An easy way I did it was, I strung the medallion on the cord, and hung it around my neck and positioned the medallion where I wanted it to hit my chest.
Then give yourself a couple of extra inches to tie it off.
Cut your cord.
Then start placing your bead on however you want.

Once you have your bead placed where you want, then you can either tie it off, or attach your lobster claw clasps.
I chose to use a clasp, because mine was short enough I didn't want to stretch it over my head each time!
Make sure you add some super glue to the knot!!!

Now for the earrings!
Here are the supplies I used.

Take your straight pins and add your beads...like so...

Then I took some little wire cutters I had and bend the end of the pin over into a small loop.

I don't have any proper tools, so you can use just about whatever you want to make it work.

Then take the part that goes in your ear (I know, I am so official), and use your needle nose pliers, or whatever tool you are using and open the little loop up on the bottom of it.
Then put the loop that you made earlier on the straight pin with the beads on and pinch the loop closed again with your tool.

I hope you are following....it should look something like this.
And of coarse do it again for the other ear!!!

Now for the bracelet....actually three bracelets! I did three separate bracelets so I could chose whether I wanted to wear 1 or 3!!

So, I started with three strands of the stretchy cord.
I measured it around my wrists, leaving a couple inches extra so I could tie it easier!

Make sure you tape down your strands or I promise you will have some spills....and nothing makes me more mad than spilling all my work...I have no time for that!!!

So add your beads how you want, and you can add a lobster claw clasp, or just tie them off.
Since it is stretchy cord, I decided just to tie mine off.
Make sure you add some super glue to your knots to ensure you won't be redoing it all!
I really pulled on my knots too, just to make sure they were secure!

The finished product!!!

Cheap and easy and fast!

I love how they turned out!

Absolutely hate these pictures of me....my daughter even told me they were bad, but they will have to do!!!


  1. Be careful! Jewelery making can be highly addicting! My Etsy shop is proof of that (along with my closet).

  2. So beautiful - the jewelry AND you!

    I love jewelry...and I think I would wear it more if the 3 year old hadn't destroyed most of it :O). Maybe if I learned how to make it, I would be able to fix it!

    Funny thing - I noticed that your front door looks just like mine. I didn't think very many people had that same door (expect for all my neighbors with the same house as mine). I wonder if we live near each other? Or maybe there really are a lot of doors like that, LOL!

  3. Awesome jewelry- love that blue! Thanks for linking up this week!


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