Valentines box

Take a box....we used a fiber one box...it doesn't matter though.....

....and cut a hole in the top.

Then cover it in brown paper

I then sketched a head of a dog on a white piece of paper.

Then cut out 2 black hearts for the ears and 1 red heart for the nose.
I laid it all out before I started to glue anything

I originally cut out a bow tie, but it ended up being a hair bow....we decided we wanted a girl dog

I took a dowel and hot glued in to the head and neck to hold it together.
Then I glued the dog to the box.

Should look something like this.
Then I wrote her name with a pencil and used Elmers glue and traced it.

Then pour glitter over the top of the glue and shake it off.

It should look about like this...

I cut out circles for the paws and lips to decorate. You can cut out any shapes you wants.
Now paste on all your cut-outs and add any stickers or embellishments you want.

Your finished product!
So cute!
Hopefully we win the contest at school!!!

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handmade projects

flower pot

Supplies needed:
1 terra cotta pot or any pot
white spray paint
stickers or vinyl

1. I just sprayed my pot and then added the vinyl images I wanted. I chose Valentines images.
2. Then, I added some tulle and ric rac around the top. I had to add a dot of hot glue to keep the ribbon in place.
3. added the marbles
4. then add flowers, or pens, or whatever pleases you

I thought it would be a cute teacher gift for Valentines Day, to let her stick her pencils in on her desk.....just a thought....


More Valentines tiles

Supplies needed:
1 small tile 6"x6"
1 small easel

I found these cute little easels at the dollar store which works perfect for these little tiles.

I cut out the vinyl for the block above, and then used the words that were inside the block for the vinyl on the block below.
Which means no waste.....and two tiles are done!

I promise I will post more than Valentines stuff, but it I wanted to get all of my Valentine's stuff done before the 14th!


Valentines Tile

Supplies needed:
1 tile (super cheap....especially at the local thrift store)
whatever vinyl saying you want
silhouette or cricut...whichever you prefer

Just start adding your text on your page
I played around with different fonts and sizes and shapes until I found the one.....
and then switched it again.....and again

then cutting time......wait..........almost done........
your masterpiece

come back tomorrow and I will have more Valentine stuff!


supplies needed:
1 bucket, or pot
1 dowel, spray painted desired color
1 Styrofoam ball
1 bag of moss (found at the dollar store)
1 bag of hearts (also at the dollar store) they were on sticks
1 piece of ribbon

I just took the hearts and randomly hot glued them onto the Styrofoam ball. Then I glued the moss on in between the hearts. Then paint your dowel if you want to. Then I stuck another piece of left over Styrofoam from a previous project and put it in the bucket. Then stuck the dowel in the bucket and in the ball. Slapped a little bit of ribbon on and whalllaaaa!!!!
Cost me a total of about $5.00
Not to shabby!!!

Valentine Topiary

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