Snowman birthday

Last year for my daughter's 8th birthday we did a really fun snowman themed party.
Of coarse, I had no idea that a year later I would be doing a craft blog, so the pictures don't show everything as well as I would like, but they will do!

Here is the cake...


This was super fun, I labeled all the food, they were all parts of a snowman.
And the spoons you see on the plate in the back, were spoons I dipped in chocolate and added 3 mini marshmallows to make a snowman, and the white ones, I dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled crushed candy cane on it.
Then they got to chose which kind they wanted for their hot chocolate!
Enjoying some snacks!
In the center of the table, I did some cute party favors, which were hot cocoa mixes, marshmallows, chocolate chips, candy canes, and a cute poem on the top...which for the life of me I can't fine....but you get the picture!
Also, in this picture they were each making a snowman out of cotton balls and pre-cut shapes.

We played pin the carrot nose on the snowman.

This was a super fun game, we had 2 teams and they both had a roll of toilet paper, and had to dress one of their teammates like a snowman by wrapping them in T.P., and then adding all the accessories on. The first team done won!

The first team!

The second team!


Friday Favorites

Here are some more darling ideas for Birthday parties! I apologize on the length of this post, but I could have posted a lot more!!

Just enjoy all the work that has gone into these parties...

This is such a cute idea for a princess party! It is all done in pastels. It looks so elegant and pretty! I absolutely love it!

Oh my heck...this Alice in Wonderland party is the cutest thing I think I have ever seen!!
This blog has the CUTEST ideas EVER!!! She is incredible!!!!
You have to go look at her stuff...you will be amazed!!!

I love ice cream....I would love to do an ice cream party! I think it is just such a cute idea!
To find more cute ideas about how to throw an ice cream party click Here

This princess and the frog birthday is really cute! She had some really cute ideas!!!
Click Here to see!!

Check out this cute monkey party....so cute!!!

This looked so fun and summery!! I can't wait for summer!!!
click here

This is just too cute...she has the cutest party ideas....hours of preparation!!!
Check out this cute violet party Here

I just couldn't help myself....more rainbow party ideas....I know you are wanting to do a rainbow birthday party now.....check this one out Here

More darling ideas for a rainbow party Here


Care bear birthday party ideas

Are you sick of the care bear and rainbow stuff yet??
I promise...this is the last day of it!!

It was just so much fun!!

This is the table decorations!
For the center piece, I used different colored wrapping paper, and then used the party favors to hold the balloons down.

More decorations...

For the food, we served a rainbow fruit pizza, rainbow jello, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...I know...fancy!!!

The fruit pizza...one of my all time favorites!! It is sooo good!!
For the party favors, I did care bear stickers, teddy grahams, skittles, rainbow pull-a-part licorice, and more random colored candy!

All the kids enjoying some dinner!

The birthday girl!

After dinner, we painted their faces!

Then we did a care bear game, of pin the rainbow on the care bear's tummy.

It was a really fun party!


Rainbow tutu

As promised, I am going to share how to make this rainbow tutu!

They are so easy, so if you haven't tried this, you have got to!

I went to Joanns and picked out several different colors of tulle, and some elastic.

I measured my little one's waist and then sewed my elastic where I wanted it, making it a circle.

Then cut your tulle in strips, mine were 36 inches long, but it totally depends on how long you want to make it.

I am so sorry about these horrible pictures...that is what happens when you are trying to demonstrate something that really needs 2 hands, and you are your own photographer.

Anyway, hopefully you can tell what I am demonstrating.

I took my tulle and folded it in half and made a loop on the end.
I tucked it under the elastic

I really apologize for this picture....it is sooo bright!!!

Then take the loop and pull in down, over the elastic, and loop the part of tulle hanging down back through the loop.
(Clear as mud???)

pull it tight, and continue doing this all the way around your elastic.

Oh, by the way, that big black thing is my knee. That was the best thing I could think of to hang my elastic on!!

And that is all you do...it is seriously so easy, I hope you can understand my directions, and see through the horrible pictures!


Rainbow glitter shirt

Today I wanted to show how to make these cute glitter shirts.
It worked super good, and it turned out so cute!!

I got the idea Here

I just took a plain white shirt that we had in the closet.

Make sure you put some card board in, to prevent anything leaking through.

You can use freezer paper, but I just used some self-adhesive vinyl, and cut out my design with my silhouette.
So I took the first part of the rainbow and placed the vinyl where I wanted it.

Then I took some E-6000 and a paintbrush and went to work!!
After you spread the glue thoroughly on, take your glitter and apply it to the glue.
Then over a garbage can shake any excess off.

Keep doing the same thing, through all the colors you want

This is such a fun idea, and you could do just about any shape you want. It would be super cute to do some eggs for Easter, a flag for the 4th of July, or a tree for Christmas.....possibilities are endless!!!!

Make sure that you turn it inside out when you wash it, and I accidentally dried mine, and it actually came out just fine!!! But be more cautious than I was!!

Tomorrow I am going to share the tutu tutorial!!!

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