Mother's day card

I wanted to make a mother's day card, and I saw this cute idea over on the silhouette blog!

And you know how much I love my silhouette, and I use it every chance I can get!

I love how it turned out!

The only thing I did different is I filled in some of the design.
I really like how it made it pop!


Mother's day subway art

I actually made this last year....for myself...because lets face it, my husband is never going to do something like this!

Plus, a mother has got to toot her own horn once in awhile!!

So, anyway, I have searched and searched and can't find the subway art that I used last year, but I did find a printable for another one that is equally as good!!!

So don't hate me, I really did try to find it, and if by chance the person who did this darling printable is reading this blog, let me know and the credit is yours!!!
Here is the free printable for Mother's day subway art!

Anyway, it was super easy!

All I did was added scrapbook paper, ribbon and a fabric flower! You could just put it in a frame also!


Baby bib and burp cloth

My sister in law had a baby boy, and I wanted to make her some bibs and burp cloths.

One thing I hate about burp cloths, is that it seams like the spit up doesn't absorb into the fabric very good.

So I wanted to add terry cloth to one side of it.

I bought a white towel at Ross, and was able to make several out of it.

I used one that I already had as a pattern

Now I have two pieces of fabric cut out

Then turn the fabrics right sides together and sew all the way around, leaving an opening on one end...a couple of inches open.

Now sew up the opening and I actually sewed all the way around it, about 1/2 inch in.
Just to make sure it doesn't go anywhere!

Ta-Da! Super easy!!

Now for the burp cloth!

I used one already that I had for a pattern

Now you have the front and back

Now, I really wanted to make this easy on me, so I just placed the two pieces together, WRONG sides together. So, you don't have to turn this inside out.

I just sewed all the way around, leaving about 3/4 inch, so I could make it into a rag big.

I added my velcro!

Then just take your scissors and clip little slits all the way around, making sure you don't clip too close to your stitches. Then I threw it in the wash to give it a nice rag look!

That is all....so fast and simple and makes a super great baby shower gift!


Mother's Day is coming up!!!

I was looking for some cute mother's day ideas to share and I happened onto some amazing ideas!

First this darling tea towel cake tutorial @ Aly & Ash
This would be perfect for Mother's day

This is such a sweet gift! I would love to get one of these my kids picture in it!
Wouldn't this be the perfect gift for Grandma!

Find out how to make it here
Does this apron look familiar?
Yes, this is a set of hot pads and apron that I made. I thought this would be a good Mother's day idea as well!

You can find it Here

I love this oven mit idea!
Find out how to make them Here

I made some of these about a year ago for myself and my mother in law and they are so nice!

I have never gotten around to blogging about them, but I found an awesome tutorial over at

So go check it out!!
So hopefully this gives you some ideas for your special Mother is Mother's day!!!


Voting on open!!

Okay, the voting started today over at Vintage Revivals!

If you haven't checked it out, you can click Here!

I am so excited and totally hope I am one of the lucky 15!!!

If you would....PLEASE go vote for my room! I desperately need help with this one!
I just know Mandi could make this room so much more exciting, for my daughter, than I can!

I am #88
Here is the {link}
So go over there and click on the little yellow start under this picture here, and vote for me!

Please....really....go vote for this picture right up there!!!!

Click Here

Thanks so much!!!

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