My favorites for the week!!!

I thought I would share some of my favorites of the week!

Isn't this valentine so adorable! What a clever idea! I found it over Here...

I fell in love with this wreath over at The Roseland Family!!

And these Burlap flowers from Brown Paper Packages are to die for!

Check out this darling wreath found Here

I could go for some of this! Doesn't it look sooo good! You can find the recipe Here!

Okay, wouldn't these look so cute in my Black and White kitchen! I found them here!
I am green with envy!!!

Valentine heart suckers

I saw these adorable candy cane heart suckers over at The Idea room, and also in the Family Fun magazine and had to give it a try! She gives a great tutorial on them. I love how hers look perfect, and ours don't look so perfect, but it was still fun, and the kids loved them! Just click on her picture to get instructions on how to make them!


Ours.....not so perfect...

Remember this cute litte Valentine basket, well, I told you it wouldn't leave our house! Yah, my daughter thinks it is hers. She packs it around constantly with lip gloss, and Dora inside. Well, I thought it would be cute to display our suckers in.

She loved them!!

Give it a try and let me know how yours turn out!!!


Valentine popcorn!

I thought I would post a fun and easy Valentine treat that you can do with your kids and one that is really yummy too! It would be great to give out as gifts if you have some clear gift bags, you could really make them cute!

I just air popped 1 batch of popcorn, which filled my bowl. I know you can use Microwave popcorn if you would like, it does give it a little bit different flavor, because it has butter already on it. Then put wax paper down in a cookie sheet (which I don't really know why I did that, I guess less clean up) and then poured the popcorn into cookie sheet.

Then I melted 3 cubes of white melting chocolate in microwave, in increments of 30 seconds until it was all melted. Then poured it over the popcorn.

Then in a cup I crushed up some left over candy canes from Christmas...is that gross???? It hasn't been that long.....

Then my big helper poured the crushed candy canes over the popcorn.

Then she added some sweethearts to the mix to give it some color.
Then I had some more help!

Isn't she cute???

It definitely was a hit!! Once the older kids (counting hubby) got home, it didn't last very long!

Super EASY!!!
which is what we like....right???


More Valentine gift ideas!

I have another Valentines gift idea to share...am I getting a little carried away with the Valentines stuff????
...and I have another fun thing for tomorrow!!!
So stay tuned!!

I took 3 junior mints....
... 3 pieces of pink cardstock and 1 heart printed piece of scrapbook paper....

and I wrapped the junior mint boxes in the pink card stock. I like to hot glue most of my projects to ensure that it won't come undone, like a lot of glue stick projects!

Then I took the scrapbook paper and cut it into strips and wrapped it around my already pink wrapped junior mint boxes.

Then I took the corner of a sponge and dabbed it onto a pink ink pad and inked all around the boxes.

Like so...

Then I cut out a cute frame, using my cricut. And typed up my saying in a word document and put them together to make a cute card for the top.

Then I inked around the card and then glued it to the box.
I then tied some pink ribbon around it.

And now you have yet another V-day gift idea!
I really need to stop doing Valentines stuff, but
it is just too much fun!

...and all three!


Decorative plates

These are one of my favorite things I've done!
They were so easy!!! And so cheap!

Here is a picture of the whole dining room!
Supplies needed:
3 plates
(I did one white and 2 black, found at Walmart)
3/4 in. white circle labels
1 sheet of scrapbook paper
mod podge

I just took these circle labels and placed them on the two black plates. On one I spaced them closer and the other farther apart. I just eye balled them and did my best to make them look straight. I did a lot of adjusting. When I had them how I wanted, I put a layer of mod podge on, to give it that finished look! That is the secret!!!
And then on the white plate, I just did a circle out of the scrapbook paper and mod podged it on.....sooo easy!!!

It took a total of about 20 minutes! And I love the way they turned out!

If you haven't guessed, most of my kitchen is in black and white!

Then I had my sweet hubby mount this plate rack to the wall, which I got at Joanns on clearance!! Horrah! Add your cute plates in
and stand back and admire!

Blog Hop

So I am trying this Blog Hop thing out and I will see how I like it! Go check it out!
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