Bathroom remodel

We have been busy remodeling our bathroom this week!
I absolutely love to redo things in our house....the only problem is, is that it is sooo expensive, but totally worth it!

I mean look at how ugly this bathroom is!!!!

I can't even stand to look at these pictures....that is how bad I hated it!

Before pictures:

I am almost embarrassed to show this mirror! Can you believe we were living with it half broken down?
First of all my good husband re-textured the whole thing, then the paint went up!

Here is the old vanity set on the porch...this picture is right before it found it's new home....at the dump!!!

Oh....I hate this thing!

Now, is the time to reveal the new bathroom.....

Ta Da!!!

Here it is!

I just love how it turned out! It just has a whole new feel to it!

Isn't that mirror much better???

I will demonstrate how I did these cute little wall hangings later this week!!!

And now onto the next project!!! The doors! Oh boy!


  1. It looks great! Great ideas for my bathroom remodel coming up! :)

  2. Wow, what a difference! Love the big mirror too. Looking forward to seeing how you made the wall hangings; they look great.

  3. A beautiful transformation! Love the wall hangings!

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  4. beautiful! I am jealous it only took you a week! Ours took forever and a day! I am sure you are enjoying it!

  5. Beautiful! I know you are enjoying the results! I would love to be able to remodel ours but we rent a mobile home so for now, I am stuck with it. Great job! Thanks for linking!

  6. Looking forward to seeing how you made the wall hangings.I am stuck with it.

  7. wow..! I I Beautiful Collection, each and every thing is collected bytaken care that's really good..! Impresive.. Keep it up.. Bathroom Reglazing


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