St. Patrick's Day shirts

I decided to make some St. Patrick's day out fits for my kids. I actually made them last year, so I don't have a picture tutorial. But I will do my best to explain how I did them. Of coarse, they are super simple or I wouldn't have taken them on!

I was in Walmart and they had some long sleeve turtle necks for $1.00.
So I snatched up some different sizes and colors.

I just cut off the turtle neck part, leaving about 1/4 in.
I then took part that I just took off and cut it into about 1 in. strips.
Then I took the strips and sewed a wide basting stitch down the center.
Then pull your top thread, and it will start to ruffle.
I pinned it along the neckline as I went
After it is all in place then I sewed down the middle of the ruffle.
Pretty simple!

For the shamrock, I just took my material and cut out a shamrock. Then using some fusible interfacing, I just ironed on the shamrocks. I did a stitch around the outside of all the shamrocks as well.

For this shirt, I took some white felt and cut out a shamrock and ironed it to the green fabric using the fusible interfacing as well. Then I sewed that onto an old white T-shirt.
I made these bows the same way that I made the St. Patrick's bow Here.
Here is the back of the bow.

I actually took these pictures last year for St. Patrick's Day, so my baby is a lot smaller here. They can all still wear them this year because I did them big on purpose. I didn't want to have to make more this year!

My daughter was sick with strep throat here. I know I am mean making her dress up for pictures, but I had to get her in her shirt I made her! She actually did pretty darn good for her photo shoot!

Oh....so cute!!! I can't wait to dress them up this year!!


  1. These are simply adorable!!!

  2. Nice job, Mom! They'll remember wonderful sweet things like this when they're older, believe me. Mine do.

  3. Your kids are adorable!!! love the shirts too!


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