Cleaning tips!

Once in awhile I will happen onto something that I feel is worth while to pass on.
So, I have decided to try and do a "cleaning tip" post every so often.

The other day I was at our church playing volleyball with some of my friends, when my daughter collided with another little girl. She was thrown back into the corner of the door, and in the process ended up with a pretty good size gash on her head. You know how head wounds bleed, so she had a good amount of blood on her shirt.
Well, I my sister in law had told me that hydrogen peroxide will take out blood on clothes.
So I put it to the test.
We had blood all over this one shirt that was fairly new, so I didn't want to get rid of it quite yet.
I took some H. P. and poured it directly onto the stains.
It bubbled up, and then I took a wet rag and scrubbed it, and then rinsed it under cold water.
To my amazement, all the blood came out!!!
It worked!
I wish I had taken a picture...it was awesome!

I know H.P. has a lot of good uses. I am a believer in it now.
I actually have some in a squirt bottle that I keep to spray counters down.
I mixed it 50/50 with water
(this is me in my kitchen....I wish...it is always pandemonium in my kitchen...who's kitchen looks like this???)

You can use it in laundry (instead of bleach)
to wash produce
and supposedly you can spray it in your hair to give you natural highlights!
I have never tried this.....so I can't tell you if it works, but it sounds neat!

So, there you have it....my first cleaning tip!!! Just be careful using it!!!
I don't want any accidents....yikes!


  1. I have used this for years it really works wonderfully, and has saved several items of clothing.

  2. I will definitely keep this one in mind! Thanks :)

  3. Hey there! We LOOOVVVE hydrogen peroxide over here. It is so versatile...

    Another tip, you can do a H.P. rinse to whiten your teeth!! :)

  4. Nice post. Hydrogen peroxide is very effective against deep stains. You've done a great job reviewing it :) Regards!

  5. Thanks for the tips. But I thought that the Hydrogen peroxide can damage clothes. Am i wrong?


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