Rhinestone tutorial

As promised, I am going to demonstrate how to do rhinestones with my silhouette.

I ordered the starter kit, which had all the supplies to do this.

I cut my shape on my template material and then placed it on my backing board.

Now I took my nifty little brush that came in my starter kit and spread out the rhinestones.

As you move your brush around in a circle motion, the rhinestones will go in the little holes.

Once you have them all in the holes, just brush off any excess.

Take your sticky transfer tape and carefully place it over your design.
This is the trickiest part...you have to do it fast, but carefully!
Then lift up your transfer tape with your rhinestone design in place.

Then I place it on this shirt and covered it with a cloth and placed my iron on it for about a minute.
Then I would carefully lift up a corner and make sure all the rhinestones were sticking good.

And that is how it is done!!!

Super fun!

1 comment :

  1. Love it!!! So what colors of heat transfer did you get? I hope that you post what you do with it so I can see! I would love it if you sent me a link :)


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