Re-purposing: another turtle neck to dress

I finally finished this dress that I started months ago for my daughter!
I am so ridiculous! I have projects everywhere half done!! It drives me crazy!!!

So I told myself I am not to buy anything for another project until all my half done projects are finished....we will see!!!

Remember this dress for my 4 year old!
The bottom of her skirt actually came from the top of the dress that I made for my 9 year old!! Does that make sense???

This actually started as a turtle neck shirt that i never wore....
and now we have 2 dresses from it!!!

I love the way it turned out...and my daughter was pleased, which lately is very hard to please her with clothes...pre-teen years!!!

You can't see in the pictures very good the front of the dress.

I did some more rhinestones...which I will demonstrate tomorrow!

Here is the back view of the dress!

Check back tomorrow for the tutorial on how to make this dress!!

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