Chore Chart

Do you ever feel like this???

Well, I do way too often! With four kids, I feel like I am constantly harping on them to get their chores done! It about drives me CRAZY!!! So I was talking to my sister and she showed me a chore chart she made for her kids, and it gave me the idea to create one. So here is the chore chart I made....black and white to match my kitchen, but I through in some pink it give it some color!

The top part are the chores to do, and when they complete them, they put them in the bottom pockets that say jobs done! I fill their pockets with the chores in the morning, and they have to have all their chores in the bottom pockets in order to play with friends!

The pink chores are chores they do every day after they get home from school.

The white chores are chores that are on occasion, and I choose which chore they have to do and when.

And black chores are morning chores, they are suppose to get these done before school!

It works some of the time, I wish I had the perfect solution to making a perfect household, but I don't. So I try charts, and rewards, and they get sick of them and then I try something else. If you have a chore chart, or an idea of how to get your kids to do their work, I would love to see it!


  1. oh! I have seen this on your fridge and LOVED it!!!! much better than yelling..expect I probably would still yell...

  2. Even it doesn't work all the time at least you have a beautiful chore chart!

  3. Wish I had seen this when my sons were younger. What a great idea.

  4. What a great idea! Love that it's simple to understand and easy to implement... oh and of course it's totally darling to look at! I'm definitely hanging on to this idea for a future project!

  5. new follower! pls follow back :)

  6. It's a great idea, and fun too if there's some reward system for them. :)
    Cute chart.

    I actually made one for myself yesterday and posted it on my blog, haha! Home chores chart for ME. (i don't have kids)

  7. This seems like a great idea. It would be easier to hold your kids accountable because you know what you asked them to do!


  8. What a fashionable Chart! Thank you for linking to my party!

  9. That is so cute. I'm your newest follower. I'm having my first link party tomorrow (Monday). It would be great if you could stop by and post your project. http://diyhshp.blogspot.com/

  10. How cute! I feel like that 99 percent of the time, lol!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  11. How did you make this? What materials did you use?

  12. How did you make this? What materials did you use?


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