Vintage Revivals giveaway!

Okay, so first of all can I say that I found the most awesomest giveaway over at Vintage Revivals!
Mandi is offering herself....might I add she is so amazing....to come to the winners house and redo one room for them!

How totally sweet of her!!

Check it out HERE

I first wanted to show some of her awesome work she has done!

Just look at this room...it is sooo cute! I love it!
And she did it all!!!

I debated whether or not to enter, not because I don't want her to come, but because I have to show you my worst room in my house! So embarrassing!!!

This is my guest bedroom, as well as my craft room!

It is in huge need of a redo!

My oldest daughter has decided that sharing a room with her 4 year old sister is not what she wants anymore, so she wants to move into my craft room :(

So here it is in all it's glory....yes it really is this bad!!

I know I will have to move all my crap out, and place it some where else, but I totally need help making this the dream room she wants!!!

I need Mandi!!! HELP ME!

That dresser is so full of crafts, under the bed is full of crafts, that big blue container is chuck full of fabric, the closet is full of crafts....this room is so full of to-do's!!!

This is so embarrassing....I only am posting this out of desperation!!!!
I want to win!!

My daughter has found some pictures out of the Pottery barn magazine...which is so addicting...and she wants some thing like this!!

I can't do it alone!!

So please come and vote for me over Here

It would be so fun to have Mandi come and do this for me!
I want it bad!!!!

Voting starts tomorrow at midnight I believe!! So go vote for me!!!

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  1. SO fun!! Seriously we could rock it out on that room. And you know how much I love color! I am so glad that you linked up! Good luck!

    Love your guts


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