Care bear birthday party ideas

Are you sick of the care bear and rainbow stuff yet??
I promise...this is the last day of it!!

It was just so much fun!!

This is the table decorations!
For the center piece, I used different colored wrapping paper, and then used the party favors to hold the balloons down.

More decorations...

For the food, we served a rainbow fruit pizza, rainbow jello, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...I know...fancy!!!

The fruit pizza...one of my all time favorites!! It is sooo good!!
For the party favors, I did care bear stickers, teddy grahams, skittles, rainbow pull-a-part licorice, and more random colored candy!

All the kids enjoying some dinner!

The birthday girl!

After dinner, we painted their faces!

Then we did a care bear game, of pin the rainbow on the care bear's tummy.

It was a really fun party!


  1. So FUN! What a great idea. I bet your kids think you're the best mom EVER for such fun parties!!! Great job :O).

  2. Very Cute Trina! You are such an awesome mom!


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