Rainbow tutu

As promised, I am going to share how to make this rainbow tutu!

They are so easy, so if you haven't tried this, you have got to!

I went to Joanns and picked out several different colors of tulle, and some elastic.

I measured my little one's waist and then sewed my elastic where I wanted it, making it a circle.

Then cut your tulle in strips, mine were 36 inches long, but it totally depends on how long you want to make it.

I am so sorry about these horrible pictures...that is what happens when you are trying to demonstrate something that really needs 2 hands, and you are your own photographer.

Anyway, hopefully you can tell what I am demonstrating.

I took my tulle and folded it in half and made a loop on the end.
I tucked it under the elastic

I really apologize for this picture....it is sooo bright!!!

Then take the loop and pull in down, over the elastic, and loop the part of tulle hanging down back through the loop.
(Clear as mud???)

pull it tight, and continue doing this all the way around your elastic.

Oh, by the way, that big black thing is my knee. That was the best thing I could think of to hang my elastic on!!

And that is all you do...it is seriously so easy, I hope you can understand my directions, and see through the horrible pictures!


  1. this is too cute!!! such a great idea. I' going to try this fo sho!

  2. does tulle really come in rolls like that at joanns? have I been living in the dark?


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