Star Wars Birthday ideas

My son turned 7 this last week, and so we did a birthday party for him on Saturday!

It was actually so much fun....and the weather couldn't have been more perfect!

I did a light saber out of cupcakes.

You can't really see, but the bottom 3 have grey frosting and the rest are green!

And these were a huge hit! They absolutely loved them!
I just took swimming noodles, cut them in half and wrapped black and silver duct tape around the bottom!

They had so much fun with them!!
We had a couple of surprise guests come and fight the Jedi nights!

The first was Darth Vader!!!

Very Scary!!

And the second guest was Yoda!!

Not quite as scary!!

I actually made this costume several years ago when my son was this size!

Then we did the Darth Vader pinada!!

The kids had a lot of fun doing different games with the light sabers.

We also played freeze tag with star wars stickers. The person that was it, had a sheet of stickers and if you got tagged with a sticker you had to freeze until another player pulled off your sticker!

So much fun!!

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