Teacher appreciation gifts

I had someone request some ideas for Teacher appreciation gift ideas. I hope this helps!
I think there are some amazing ideas out there and I hope this might spark some creativity!

I found this darling fish idea, the chocolate bar and the root-beer idea from Tip Junkie.
I think they are all so cute and pretty simple.
Plus, who doesn't like food!!
You can find all these ideas Here or just click on any picture!
Okay so this idea is super cute too! She has 3 different printables for the label and they are all this darling! I love candy...what can I say!
You can find the printable Here

Here is a darling idea that I might actually try this year. I have some coupons for Joanns so I might go get some of these little plastic containers. It is such a darling idea.
Go check it out Here...you won't be sorry!!!

Here is another cute idea, and a free printable! I love that....it makes it so easy!!
The card says, "Thanks for making our year so bright."
My mom's a teacher and she said she loves to get supplies, so I thought this was perfect!
You can find it Here

Here is another free printable, if you like these cute bookmarks!
Just click here and you can print and be done!!!
This is another super cute idea and so simple. I like fast and easy!
And who doesn't like mints!!!
Click Here

I thought this crayon frame idea is so cute, cheap, and simple. You could put a saying where the picture goes, something like #1 Teacher.
You can find the full tutorial Here

I hope this helps...good luck with your gifts. I would love to see anything you come up with!!!

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