My painting!

While I was trying to take a picture of my painting, my daughter kept saying cheese...wanting her picture taken. And of coarse I had to take a picture of this cute little face!!!

I have always loved to paint and draw, and one year for Christmas many years ago, I decided to paint a picture for my dad. He loves horses, so I chose a western style painting.

I think it turned out alright, and I keep meaning to paint again, but you know how life goes! I think he thought it was wonderful.....you know how parents are!!! It meant a lot to him, and since then, he has passed away, so now it means a lot to me! I will always think of my dad when I see this painting!


  1. WOW, Trina! Gorgeous! And so lifelike! Is there any end to your talents, girl?

  2. that pictures is beautiful! You are so talented!!!


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