Zipper pouch tuorial

For my daughters 4th birthday, I decided to make her a pouch that she could hold all of her millions of lip gloss in! I thought it was a good idea, but she doesn't like it because it isn't all pink, so I guess I will be making another one!!! :)

But I still think it is cute, and it wasn't too complicated to make!

You will need :
2 pieces of fabric, one for the outside and one for the lining
1 zipper ( mine was 9 inches long)

So cut your fabric into 11x7 in. pieces

You should have 2 for the outside and 2 for the inside

place your fabric that is going to be on the outside face up and then your zipper face down on top.

Then your lining on top of the zipper, make sure all your edges line up

Sew along the top
Then do it with the other 2 pieces of fabric on the other side

Then when you open it up it should look like this

Then unzip the zipper half way and take the lining sides and line them up and your outer pieces and line them up, one on top of the other...
like this...and sew all the way around the square, leaving about 2-3 inches at the bottom
Then turn it right side out, through the gap that you left in the lining piece and sew the hole up

Then push the lining down into the pouch and there you have it! I nice little zipper pouch! I hope all those steps made sense!

This is what the inside looks like!

I took a little sparkly dragonfly and tied it onto the zipper to make it more girly...it wasn't enough obviously!
Maybe I will use it for my make up....I still like princesses!!!
Or maybe we could use it for storing toys????

I don't know, but I think it is cute!!


  1. Oh I think I could actually maybe sew this! Thanks for sharing! I love the butterfly you used on the zipper!

  2. So great to see how to sew in a zipper - I never have and REALLY need to for some project I want to tackle! Thanks!

  3. so cute! Love the fabric with the princess print!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog.

    $40 store credit to get a drawstring backpack with an adorable applique, great from summer camp and trips and lovely spring hair accessories for your little girl. You just have to leave a comment to win.


  4. Haha, pink addict huh? I like the pouch you made, but I'm a green addict ;) Nice tutorial!

  5. Awesome tutorial!! Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower over from Fireflies and Jellybeans.

    Hope you can stop by sometime.

    Have a great Wednesday!



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