Summer activities for kids!!

This week I will be posting some fun things to do with your kids since it is summer break!
If your kids are like mine,
the more things you have to do with them...the less you hear them fight!!

My girls really like to do crafts,
so I am going to try and be a better mother
and spend more time doing fun things this sumer!!

This is a fun craft to do with them.

water colors
tissue paper
a straw

The first thing you do is get your paint brush fairly wet and dab a good amount of paint at the bottom of your paper.

Then take your straw and blow the paint up...making your tree or flower stem

Then take some glue and dab it where you want your leaves or flowers to go

Then wad up a small amount of tissue paper and stick it on the glue!
Your kids will love it!

My daughter did this one, and I thought it was so cute...and creative!

another idea for a tree...

This is my favorite...think of how darling this would be in the fall with orange, brown, yellow and red!!!

I will see you tomorrow with more fun summer activities to do with your kids!!

1 comment :

  1. Fun! I'll have to try this with Noah...I think he'd enjoy the blowing part best of all. :)


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