Spring dress

First of all.....Happy belated Mother's day!!!

Sorry about the lack of posts, but we had a super busy weekend with family! A lot going on!!!

Here is the easiest dress you will ever make!

I was in Joann's the other day and happened on this darling fabric. It is all pre-hemmed and shirred. The draw back is the price. It is sold by the inch. So make sure you use a coupon on it!!

My youngest daughter fell in love with this Dora material! It was super hard to cut it because every time I laid it flat she would grab it! I guess I will have to make one for her too!!

Here it is before I did anything to it! It is almost done when you get it! It is so simple!

I sewed it up the back and added some ribbon for the straps and that is about all!

Here it is after I sewed up the back, but before I added straps.

I seriously sewed this dress in about 15 minutes, from start to finish!

I think it was a big hit!

I was in trouble for not getting the Tangled one too!
Next coupon!!!

How cute!! I just love being a mom!!!

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