Fabric covered light switches

I actually did these a couple of years ago, so I don't have step by step,
but they were super easy.

Here is the one I did for my son's room

And here is the one I did for my daughter's room

All I did was measure how big the cover was and cut the material about 1/4 in. bigger.
Then I cut a slit for the light switch and then mod podged it on. It was so super easy and fast!


  1. That's adorable! So many possibilities!

  2. So cute. Wish I could do that with ours but we have the type with a huge switch that takes up the whole thing (I live in a mobile home). Would love for you to share at my link party tonight:


  3. Is it permanent? I don't want to make it if it's permanent because I don't want it to be stuck on light switch if my family moves.

  4. How do you get that fabric to be exactly in the middle of the light switch? It looks so good!


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